Monday, 1 July 2013

Rumour Mill: Google Goes Gaming?

Are they feeling lucky?

Let's see, we've already got the Ouya and the Shield, both of which just launched last week. There's whatever Mad Katz is working on (and no I still won't use the name of the project, because I still think it's ridiculous), and there are probably even a couple of other systems that haven't been brought to my attention. Oh, and on top of that there's smartphones and tablets and everything else. The Android gaming market is, if anything, quite thoroughly saturated at this point. So, who in their right minds looks at that and goes, "yeah, alright, time to throw my hat in the ring"?

Apparently, Google.

If the rumour mill grinds true, then Google wants to put out, among other things, an Android based gaming console. Whether or not this is because they believe that Apple may release such devices themselves in the future and wish to beat them to the punch, or if they've simply grown curious of the gaming market and the potential for financial growth therein. Either way it would seem that there's possibly going to be yet another Android system vying for the attention of gamers everywhere soon enough.

Google may have a slight advantage, considering that they own Android and have been less than shy about incorporating it into their devices so far, as well as getting it out to the public. Considering that they can make whatever tweaks and alterations they wish to the OS when building a potential console around it, they might come up with something that actually sets them apart from the already sizable crowd.

Although I stand by the fact that it's nice to see alternatives, part of me can't help but be worried by the emergeance of all the recent contenders in the market. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say that anyone is going to dethrown Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony from the top three of the gaming world at the moment, part of me does wonder if having so many different choices might do more harm than good.

I know I wasn't even born yet at the time of the first great game crash, if I'm not mistaken part of the reason for it was that more and more game systems were being churned out, each one with more questionable viability than the last. Although I can't say that it's ultimately true of the situation that's happening now without actually having seen and played the systems in question, my mind cannot help but draw some parallels.

Granted, I think that of all the potential contenders that Google would probably be one of the ones to worry about the least, all things considered, although again that depends on how seriously they want to take things. That being said though, right now it's unknown if this even is the intention of the company, so like most future propositions, it's pretty much just waiting and seeing what develops, if anything.

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